Austin Klucker

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Austin Klucker, a Pennsylvania native, is one of the newest additions to
Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes. Klucker started his career at the young
age of 16, and at 23, his impressive list of credits prove Klucker to be a
self-starting powerhouse. With Klucker’s work seen on world renowned
runways, including Tom Ford, in international magazine editorials, and in
featured collaborations with major brands, such as Birchbox, it’s
indisputable that Klucker is a styling star on the rise.

Klucker has a strong love for motorcycles, vintage guitars and modern
design, which is reflected in his signature aesthetic. He is always working
to create a unique look for his clientele that is versatile and authentic
to each personality. His dedication to the craft, precision, and great
attention to detail assist in his steadfast journey to becoming one of the
most sought after stylists in the city.

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