Martial Vivot is the owner of Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes on West 54th street in Manhattan. Called “the gentleman’s barber for many of the city’s most powerful” by the New York Times, “the best in the city” by GQ, and a “New York City style guru” by Out magazine, Martial Vivot is a world renowned men’s hair stylist and authority on men’s grooming. Read More…

Martial Vivot – @martialvivot
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Known in the industry as simply Losi, she is a founding stylist at Salon Pour Hommes; one of the greats in men’s grooming; a peerless force in the world of celebrity and editorial men’s styling; and one of the stylists with the greatest influence on how men wear their hair today. In other words, when it comes to what’s now in men’s hair, the comb stops with Losi. Read More…

Losi – @losigrooming
Book: Midtown & Downtown

Called “the one to watch in the world of men’s styling” by Manhattan magazine, Victor Szeto is the one of the hottest young men’s stylists in New York City. Read More…

Victor Szeto
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Jerome has been in the industry for over two decades and has received intensive training from France. He is a rare men’s-only stylist from France who made his name in the industry in Europe. After four years of intense training, and being awarded best men’s haircut three consecutive years at the “Creatives d’Automne” international hairstyling contest, Jerome spent ten years improving his skills in the best men’s salons in the south of France. Read More…

Jerome Obry – @jerome_obry
Book: Midtown & Downtown

By the age of 20, Oka was one of the top stylists at Momotaro Hair Salon in Osaka, Japan, and was eventually promoted to a manager position at Momotaro’s NYC location in 2007 — three years after moving to the United States. Read More…

Book: Midtown & Downtown

Scotty Trimmier began his journey into barbering almost a decade ago. He began cutting hair at an art studio in Washington D.C. and was soon receiving praise among the community. Scotty was then granted the opportunity to apprentice at Hell’s Bottom, noted by Esquire and Men’s Journal Magazine. It was there where he was trained by a traditional Italian barber, honing his skills to perform the best straight razor shave. Read More…

Scotty – @trimtrimtrimnyc
Book: Downtown

After serving four years in the United States Air Force, Chris moved to New York City to work in the film industry as a producer and set decorator. He observed hair and makeup artists as they transformed actors out of thin air. The idea that a person can become someone different with just a haircut inspired him. Read More…

Chris Ayala – @_allsystemsgo
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Danielle, a native New Yorker, started her career in hair at 17 years old. She has honed her skills throughout the years becoming a seasoned veteran at men’s grooming.. Read More…

Danielle – @dgiovannihair
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Originally a scenic carpenter, James always saw the creative parallels between working as a builder and styling hair. Read More…

James – @jamescutshair_
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Travis Nunes has been in the salon world since he was born. He spent quite a bit of time growing up at his mothers salon, which was a staple in the Boston area for over 40 years. Read More…

Travis – @travisnuneshair
Book: Midtown

Emmanuel hails from Madera, California bringing his extraordinary talent and laid back personality to the heart of New York City. As a graduate from Arrojo Cosmetology School, Emmanuel has worked at some of the city’s most prestigious salons and barbershops before landing at Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes. He is a master of the fade and loves to work with longer hair.  Read More…

Book: Downtown


Launched in July 2008 by celebrated men’s stylist Martial Vivot, Salon Pour Hommes is the first men’s salon in New York City to have world class stylists on staff, and offer the same caliber of service to men the world’s most illustrious women enjoy at the legendary NYC unisex salons.

Assembled at Salon Pour Hommes are the city’s leaders in the world of men’s hair.  Four-time New York Magazine “Best of Beauty” Winner Martial Vivot, legendary celebrity, and editorial stylist Losi, Manhattan Magazine’s “One to Watch” Victor Szeto.

Salon Pour Hommes is situated across the street from the MoMa, on 54th street. The salon was designed by Caroline Bailly and Ron Kopels using the natural elements of metal, wood, and steel.  The vision portrays an oasis of masculine, upscale sophistication. In 2013, Martial along with Losi and Victor launched an all natural and organic grooming collection. The collection includes, Shampoo, Conditioner, Creme, Gel, Paste, and Beard & Face Oil. Martial opened his second salon in October 2017 with business partner, and stylist Jerome Obry in the West Village, located on Hudson Street. 

The gurus of men’s grooming bring unparalleled expertise to Salon Pour Hommes offering decades of experience. The stylists have created trends in men’s hair through the media including, GQ, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Blackbook, and Vogue.  They have also styled some of Hollywood’s finest men including Rob Lowe, Benjamin Walker, Keith Richards, Mark Ronson, and Jake Gyllenhall.